Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment is a specific and controlled thrust; most often performed with the doctors' hands but sometimes, with a hand-held tool, meant to restore proper motion or position of a joint. For most chiropractors, this is the primary method of treatment during the initial course of care. There are several methods of adjusting and our doctors will work with you to find which one works best for you and your condition. As chiropractors we adjust joints when they become restricted in certain motions causing pain and dysfunction. This decrease in mobility stresses not only the joint but also surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. This can result in pain or tissue damage. A chiropractic adjustment works to restore normal motion to the joint to allow proper function. Many people talk about the cracking noise associated with adjustments. That is carbon dioxide gas which gets trapped in the joint when it is not functioning and when an adjustment occurs the gas is removed. As doctors, we will assess each patient individually to see if adjustments are good for you. You can be confident that you have a say in your treatment including the use of an adjustment.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I came to Physical Synergy after my Achilles surgery July 1st 2018 because physical therapy at my surgery center wasn’t helping my recovery. My goal was to run in the 2019 NYC marathon. Dr Mike, Dr Charlie and Jim worked on me physically and mentally. I was back to running by November 2018. I had countless complications from my feet to my back during training. I couldn’t have continued my training without the expertise, instructions and work done by both Dr Charlie and Dr Mike. I was able to run the 2019 NYC marathon in under 4 hours, all because these guys believed in me! Graston, adjustments, muscle work, physical therapy, yoga, motivation and humor! Now I’m in peak shape mentally and physically!"
    Jack G.
  • "I was recommended to see the doctors at Physical Synergy for my right knee pain by a friend. I have been going to Physical Synergy for about 3 months now, mostly for my right knee pain. I would like to say that my knee pain is gone and now working on strengthening the muscles around my knees so that it doesn’t come back again! I have seen their professional team for other musculoskeletal issues as well. They are all very friendly, helpful and attentive to your pain/issues you are having."
    Jinne S.